Limited Edition Sneakers Store.

There is only one place in Asia to buy the best limited edition sneakers: J-01 (Just Only One) in Hong Kong.

Limited edition sneakers are the last frontier for Asian fashion-addicted consumers, and nobody can match the never-ending search for exclusive sneakers better than this store.

The J-01 shop is one of Hong Kong’s hottest limited edition sneaker stores. Part of D-mop, J-01 shop offers some of the coolest limited editions and collaborations available in Hong Kong.

The store offers the world’s finest exclusive collections and limited-edition items in Asia for the fashion-addicted who are looking for something original and experimental – something beyond mere trends or whims.

No new limited edition sneaker can escape a turn in J-01.

Farrell Williams and Kanye West sneakers for Adidas are definitively the ultimate stars of the store.

Inside a minimalist layout, the store is more than a simple outlet. All items are collected with the instinctive passion of fashion lovers.

  • Adidas Solebox L.E.

  • Adidas Pharrell Wiliams

  • ADIDAS PW 05