Asian Insanity: The Hoverboard

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Asia has hit a milestone in the younger generation's lifestyle. The attention has shifted away from apps and smartphones and turned to the hoverboard.

The grandson of surfboards and rollerskates, the high-tech son of the skateboard is the first self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device.

At this stage of the product's development, the goal is to make the device "a (natural) extension of our body acting to facilitate the human life”.

Some may be horrified hearing this definition, but in reality everyday more and more hoverboards appear on the streets, and in airports and malls.

The hoverboard is designed to carry a person up to 250 pounds. A speed-governing key is used to limit the speed of the personal transport model to ten miles per hour, or “three times faster than the average walker”.

The new fad has many positive aspects. It provides mobility assistance to people with limited movement abilities, has practical and valuable commercial uses,  and may help keep motor vehicles off the road. Any car or motorcycle trip that is replaced by another mode of transportation benefits the environment. The users and manufacturers may become allies in the quest for a cleaner atmosphere.

The hoverboard is green, fast, trendy, and promotes going outdoors.

Although it is less flexible than the traditional skateboard, the device has many advantages and grants an interactive relationship with the “driver” that allows for different kinds of movement.

The hoverboard is a green vehicle, powered by electricity and with a zero CO2 emission rate.

The battery lasts for fifteen to twenty miles, which makes it a perfect eco-friendly way to travel to school, work, and other short distances.

Asia has adopted it as the vehicle of the next generation. The music world has not missed its opportunity to adopt this symbol. Some of the most famous k-pop bands have created amazing music videos using the device.

Chinese technology giant, XiaoMi, realizing the popularity of this new device, has started the production of its own model, which will of course be connected to smartphones via an app. It is expected to be another incredible success.



Courtesy Xiaomi



Courtesy Xiaomi