Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week

The first edition of Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week ended successfully

From 27 to 30 October took place at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, the first edition of the Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week, with a large sample of ethical and sustainable Spanish brands, this year the guest country was Colombia with the presence of the designer Marcos Farfán and Domingas moda. In this first edition the BSFW awards were held, awarding:-Sustainability -Design and Innovation.

The event was organized by Leticia Rufín and Ariana Onno, founders of this initiative and with extensive experience in the sustainability sector, both being strong defenders of ethics and upciclyng.

"It is a dream come true, a necessity for the Spanish fashion world that is moving towards a market and a more committed public and we believe that this is precisely the message we want to launch from BSFW. We really try to be inclusive and for brands to understand that every step counts and builds," said the organizers.

On 29 and 30 October, designers and company representatives had the opportunity to talk with buyers, media and consumers at the Sustainable Talk organized at the Museum. Where they shared the methods, they use to create their products, and told how they began to develop this kind of sustainable fashion. The stands were occupied by fashion firms and accessories.

While attendees were able to participate in colloquiums where participants talked about Biomaterials and their experience creating a tissue of bioplastic waste of orange peels to make a trench coat that has been.

It highlights the presence of the Venezuelan designer based in Colombia Marcos Farfán, who in addition to founding his own line, holds the position of creative director in Domingas Moda, a Colombian firm with great responsibility and commitment to sustainability. For this edition the designer has created couture from recycled jeans.

This year the BSFW awards were held. Created by the artist Samuel de Sagas, this year’s jury was composed of: Belen and Gehisy de Be Sostenible, Luna Abad of Luxury Bussines online Tamara Alonso founder of Slowcracy,  Viola Edwards human rights ambassador and elected president of the global mentor network.


The winner was Mónica Corvera, a jeweller from Madrid who has extensive experience in creating luxury jewellery with ethical materials and who manufactures in Madrid.


The winner was Mycoworks, the latter being the winner, a biomaterials company based in San Francisco, announced that it will open a large-scale mushroom leather production plant.


The winner was the designer Juan Brea, commented the jury: "Juan is the winner because in addition to ethics and sustainability in their designs, transmits soul in each of their dresses, taking care of every detail being the king of elegance and movement".