Dr. Alkaitis Makes Skin Care of the Future

If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin

dr-alkaitis-biologische-dynamische-huidverzorgingDr. Alkaitis, is the skincare of the future. It is edible, chemical free and 100% certified organic, living skin food. Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis and his daughter, Trish Alkaitis, are a team that developed this innovative skin care line that captures raw living plant extracts to create ethical products in alignment with nature.

Dr. Alkaitis uses certified, organic, biodynamic and ethically wild-crafted herbs, (sea) vegetables, and oils in their raw state for the greatest effectiveness. The ingredients are never heated above body temperature; so they remain living, giving the user all the healing benefits. At the base of Dr. Alkaitis’ products is his powerhouse ingredient, 100% certified organic Aloe Vera.                        

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It all started in 1996 in West Sacramento, California. Dr. Alkaitis, a highly regarded research scientist who has his PhD in Physical Chemistry and is also a Chemical Engineer, a Molecular Biologist, Ethnophamacologist and Pharamcognosist, read the ingredients on his wife’s organic skin care products. To his surprise, the ingredients were all dangerous chemicals that caused damaging effects over time when applied to the skin. Dr. Alkaitis started studying how various ingredients found in nature affected the body both internally and externally.

Trish Alkaitis

Trish, a former jewelry designer, battled with adult acne, until she mixed and matched specific products with her father and found a solution to her skin dilemma. She noticed the products layered well together, were multifunctional and had the ability to balance and restore several conditions on the skin at the same time. Later, she started testing the products on humans who were dealing with real skin issues, assuming her position as marketing director.

Dr. Alkaitis's ingredients are concentrated. A little bit goes a long way, making the product more affordable over time. Most products retail for under $100. The products are each handcrafted by Dr. Alakitis like a master chef. You can even mix the products to create your own and reuse the recyclable containers.

Trish’s favorite product is the Organic Ageless Facial Elixir, a potent combination of anti-aging antioxidants, Ayurvedic herbs and high potency super foods that promote luminous skin at the cellular level. "The Elixir's characteristic aroma represents Mother Earth in all her abundance," she said.

Organic Ageless Facial Elixir


Some of Trish’s favorite combinations include: Organic Herbal Toner +Nourishing Treatment Oil blended together, make a lightweight serum excellent for younger and older skin. Mix the Cleanser + Nourishing Treatment Oil to get shaving cream or a super gentle cleanser for the skin. Mix the Cellular Repair Mask with Day Crème to make an invigorating Berry Whipped Mask that tightens and brightens your skin.




All products stem from integrity. Dr. Alkaitis's contribution to society is to make a skin care line that can be used safely by someone for his or her entire life. The line has been using the same eco-conscious family growers for over twenty years and never compromises his brand, company or product.




So what’s next for this dynamic duo? They just celebrated their 20th anniversary for the company last month. “We would like to continue to grow and expand! My personal dream is to have a fully sustainable architecture lab and house. Living walls, roofs, gardens, a fully sustainable Dr. Alkaitis compound,” he said.



Dr. Alkaitis has a long list of products he would like to create, and with the help of his daughter it is possible. To get your own personalized Dr. Alkaitis revolutionary skin care line or to learn more about them, visit alkaitis.com.










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