Glasses to help you sleep better

ZIPIZI is innovating with its glasses

ZIPIZI is innovating with its glasses complete with revolutionary lenses designed to get you nodding off more quickly, for deeper, more restful sleep.

A good night’s sleep is key to living life to the fullest. And restful, replenishing sleep starts with protecting your eyes.
Ever on the lookout for innovative ways to care for your eyes and you, we joined forces with an optometry researcher to develop a pioneering solution for peaceful nights that help you get the most out of your day: the SLEEPING glasses.

Slip the SLEEPING glasses on for two hours before your bedtime and let the tech work its magic. Artificial light, especially new forms of indoor lighting and screens, suppresses melatonin production. Available in two iconic IZIPIZI frame styles, our SLEEPING glasses’ GoodNight© lenses draw on technology that blocks this light, helping your body retrigger and stimulate sleep hormone production naturally. Your circadian rhythm returns to normal, as you relax and enjoy your evening. The science speaks for itself: after just five days, the time it takes to doze off can be halved, and sleep is deeper and more restorative*. And because protecting your eyes shouldn’t cost the planet, the SLEEPING glasses are made from a bio-sourced material with a 45% castor oil content.

Helping you get the shut-eye you need for bright-eyed mornings.*


Thanks to your eyes, your brain is in sync with the rhythms of the sun, and secretes melatonin to fall asleep when the sun sets. This is what’s known as the circadian cycle.


Artificial light used in the evening (from lightbulbs, screens, LEDs etc.) throws this cycle off balance, which disrupts the melatonin-secreting process. Because your eyes are no longer able to tell when it’s nighttime, you may experience:
- Difficulties falling asleep
- Shorter sleep cycles
- Fitful sleep that does little to repair and restore your bodyHELP IS ON HAND

Thanks to their specially-designed tint, the SLEEPING lenses block high-intensity artificial light (LEDs, bulbs, screens), retriggering natural melatonin production in the process.

IZIPIZI’s Sleeping collection, available from 2 November from the IZIPIZI network - IZIPIZI.COM.