INEXMODA fulfilled expectations

Special edition of COLOMBIATEX + COLOMBIAMODA 2021

INEXMODA fulfilled the industry’s expectations with the special edition of COLOMBIATEX + COLOMBIAMODA 2021

20,000 people physically visited Colombiatex + Colombiamoda 2021 from July 27 to 29, According to the daily symptom survey, 55% of those people had their COVID-19 vaccination. According to ProColombia the special edition of Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021 achieved export opportunities for a partial amount of US$10.7 million.

Inexmoda accomplished for the textile, apparel and fashion industry the realization of the special edition of Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021. An event that showed its power, resilience, and adaptability within a context where despite having new rules, the game continued and showed that the industry is alive and with the conviction that the union and teamwork will continue to be the source to contribute to the economic revival of the city and the country.

“Today we close the special edition of Colombiatex + Colombiamoda 2021, where we once again gathered to promote the Fashion System, applaud its resilience and celebrate its future. It took three days to show that the Fashion System is more alive than ever and that it is an industry on the rise thanks to the tenacity of the entrepreneurs who lead it. The figures are overwhelming and with deep satisfaction, we see how spending in Fashion between January and June 2021 grew 26% over the same period last year, figures that show a dynamic sector and an accelerated recovery. This special edition showed the firm conviction of entrepreneurs to come together to seek new opportunities, to try and continue their path of growth and prosperity,” said Carlos Eduardo Botero, executive president of Inexmoda.

Specialized business between exhibitors and buyers in a physical and digital way.

The specialized trade show of the special edition of Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021 was composed of 400 exhibitors, who actively participated physically and digitally with nearly 7,000 buyers, highlighting the participation of countries such as the United States with 19%, Mexico with 16% and Ecuador with 14%. A dynamic achieved thanks to the constant support of ProColombia as a strategic ally in the procurement of international buyers. From the Virtual Business Platform, active since July 19 and valid until August 6, more than 1,600 effective appointments have been made between buyers and exhibitors, an innovative digital proposal that continues to promote business dynamics online.

Fashion won the hearts of the final consumer.

The physical and digital experience of Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021 included the Fashion Market and Vogue Talents Corner, where 30 brands oversaw sharing experiences in person. Presenting, in addition to their design proposals, initiatives that impact different environmental and social causes. This activity was accompanied by a shopstreaming where brands such as Disney, AVON, Leonisa, Mundo Único, among others, were in charge of connecting with their consumers and offering through and their latest collections and products at a click away.

The business hub was also accompanied by the Trends Forum, held physically and digitally, where 26 conferences on the Fall-Winter 21-22 season were shared. More than 1,100 people witnessed this space created to update in knowledge of the fashion industry, from trends and macro trends.

Fashion returned to the physical runways and was democratized with virtuality.

The excitement was felt again on the catwalks of Colombiamoda, Colombia Fashion Week®, which, in person, brought together nearly 7,000 attendees in the ten runways. The entire program was in charge of 31 designers, 50 design students and 6 commercial brands participating in the fashion moments carried out physically and digitally.

The collaborations were one of the highlights: Diego Guarnizo together with the AVON Foundation and three Latin American designers, Annaiss Yucra, Cindy Castro and Paulina Anda, were in charge of opening the special edition, bringing a strong message through fashion: rejection of gender violence.

The program also featured other collaborations such as Beatriz Camacho with the technology brand Vivo, Éxito, Artesanías de Colombia with MAZ, and Socarrás with Coca-Cola, each proposal was responsible for transmitting its essence and demonstrating how it is possible to make collaborative work between the fashion industry and other sectors, co-creations that called for sustainable and social proposals.

Environmental and social sustainability shone in the special edition of the event.

Inexmoda has been reflecting in the framework of its events sustainability as a cross-cutting theme that should be highlighted within the fashion industry. Brands are currently committed to environmental and social proposals that benefit the industry and the community.

One of the spaces was the Sustainability Route, where 40 companies from the textile, apparel and fashion industry shared their experiences and processes implemented through practices such as: clean water and sanitation, climate action, social inclusion, affordable and non-polluting energy, responsible production and consumption. In a physical and digital way, attendees were able to learn how brands such as OFFCORSS, Fatelares, SUTEX, Punto Blanco, Muverang, GEF, Leonisa, Lafayette, among others, join these different initiatives.

The Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley was an essential ally in the development of this scenario, which, as an environmental authority, supported this event that took place within the special edition of Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021.

Knowledge that reached national and international fields

Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021’s knowledge axis was reloaded with apprenticeship thanks to a new edition of the Knowledge Pavilion held in conjunction with  Sapiencia, who joined Inexmoda’s purpose of continuing to be a source of knowledge through these academic spaces that, for this occasion shared knowledge among eleven international experts from countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and nine national experts. Nearly 7,000 people were part of the Inexmoda-Sapiencia Knowledge Pavilion, moments that were complemented with digital conferences through and www.colombiamoda.  Innovation and Prospective, Digital Transformation, Fashion, Trends and Social and Environmental Sustainability, were the topics that inspired the attendees, becoming once again the stage where the future of the fashion business is written.

Masterclasses, workshops and consultancies: approaching with fashion business experts

From July 27th to 30th, those passionate about the fashion industry have been able to participate in six masterclasses, six workshops and consultancies with 12 experts, who virtually connected with more than 330 students until today, businessmen and entrepreneurs, interested in opening to new knowledge from thematic such as: digital marketing, business model, consumer, trends, retail, among others. Inexmoda alongside Colombiatex+Colombiamoda 2021 honored  the Fashion System and reassured that its work is to continue contributing to the growth and reactivation of a dynamic, changing industry with the potential to carry on its growth paths. Thanks to the allies who made this edition possible and to the industry enthusiasts who believed in Inexmoda and joined the event.