Male Perspectives - Value of Women at Work

Author: Susan Popoola

Book: Male Perspectives on the Value of Women at Work

Author: Susan Popoola

Should We Care about Men’s Views on Women in the Workplace?

There’s no doubt that women have made huge progress over the past fifty years however there’s still a long way to go until there’s true gender balance in the world of work.

Susan Popoola’s new book ‘Male Perspectives on the Value of Women at Work’ is an in-depth exploration into the value that women bring to the workplace from the perspective of men.

Over the course of nine months, Susan, an award-winning consultant specialising in human resources, interviewed 30 men including entrepreneurs, business leaders and academics to explore their perception of women in the workplace, what women bring and the challenges they may face.

The book has been written to appeal to different demographics in the workplace to help them recognise the essential and unique contribution that women bring to the table. It also serves as a reminder to women of how valuable they are and helps them understand how to better navigate the world of work, while men can find insight into the value women bring and how to better engage with, support and benefit from working with them.

Susan believes that it’s vital to have an open dialogue between the genders is vital to help us understand each other and help ensure that we all work towards achieving a gender balanced workplace.

In this video, the author shares with us some key reflections from the book.

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